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Donnelly’s solid waste bound for McLennan

The recent closure of the Village of Donnelly’s landfill site has resulted in a shift of solid waste into McLennan.
That was the news coming out of McLennan Town Council chambers Sept. 17 after councillors put their stamp of approval on a proposal which has seen Donnelly’s garbage being hauled to the local landfill site.
Under the new agreement, which has yet to be ratified by Donnelly village council, the town will charge its neighbors to the west a tippage fee of $25 per truckload for all solid waste products being transported to the McLennan landfill.
Ron Faulkner, mayor of the Town of McLennan, said the decision was made after the Village of Donnelly made a request to the municipality for joint use of their landfill.
He said the new month to month agreement is expected to result in an influx of approximately two truckloads of solid waste per week at their landfill site.
The financial net gain to the town is said to be approximately $2,600 per year – funds which the mayor feels will assist the town in helping to reduce their overall operating cost with regards to solid waste management.
“It’s not a great deal of money in the overall picture, but it will certainly help us out a little bit,” said Mayor Faulkner last week.
Donnelly Mayor Charles Doyle says the decision by councillors to put their landfill under permanent lock and key at the end of August was based on expenses and nothing else.
“We closed our landfill because we didn’t feel that it was feasible to sink a lot of money into it,” he said.
And while he declined to reveal the exact financial figures related to keeping their landfill open, he did admit it the dollar amount was significant.
“Let me just say the cost was substantial,” Mayor Doyle said, adding that the revenue needed to keep the facility up and running would have placed a serious strain on public coffers.
“Keeping the landfill open meant raising taxes or increasing solid waste disposal fees, neither of which was appealing from our perspective.”
Donnelly did have the option of entering into an agreement with the Town of Falher for solid waste management services after being contacted by the municipality.
That proposal, however, was deemed to be too costly by village councillors.
“Falher did approach us with a proposed fee structure of $5 per month per unit, which roughly worked out to be approximately $9,000 a year,” Doyle explained.
Too expensive
“Personally, I found it a little bit too expensive. We (council) just couldn’t justify spending that much money.”
Doyle does not anticipate the new agreement with the Town of McLennan to an added tax burden to residents.